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We don’t mind where you are on your journey to becoming a designer, but what we do care deeply about is your raw talent and sparkling personality. A placement with us is about getting stuck in and involved in everything we do, so that’s why we need to make sure we select the right person with the right attitude. If there are no jobs listed on this page it means that our design team is complete, however, we will lookatportfolios from speculative designers and freelancers already working in the industry.
So please concentrate all your talent, intelligence and creativity into your email and we will get in touch if we like what we see.

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Mr. sunjian :
1. Senior Designer with a focus on corporate design As the successful applicant, you will have several years of experience working at branding or corporate identity agencies, and you will have implemented successful projects for well -known clients. Working in a committed and independent fashion, you will be responsible
for design and communication in complex sub-projects in the branding process. You will be one of the keyplayers on our client team. You will be a highly creative individual with the ability to develop design ideas, evaluate visual analyses, derivevisual results in a transparent fashion and prepare presentations. You will use your talents (typography,
colors, visual language, illustrations, etc.) to achieve top creative results. Displaying a high level of personal responsibility, you will make decisions in the creative pre-selection phase of the design process and supervise entrylevel staff. 
You will report directly to the design or the creative director as an integral part of our client team. We have an immediate opening and would like to work together on a longterm basis. Professional requirements:
· A degree in visual communication or a similar discipline
· At least three years of professional experience at a branding or corporate design/identity agency
· Proven branding and brand management skills
· Jointly responsible for developing designs in clearly defined, parallel sub-projects (concept development, quality assurance, punctual execution of services)
· Management of sub-projects in the design process (briefing, internal communication, support), including work outside your team; interface with other specializeddepartments at MetaDesign (e.g. production, brand documentation, interactive branding, 3D branding)
· Preparation and delivery of presentations (on the phone, digitally, in person)
· Development of concepts and content for design documentation
· Supervision of designers and interns
· Cross-media production skills
· Outstanding written and spoken English
· Proficiency at current graphics programs (InDesign, FreeHand, Photoshop,
  PowerPoint) Personal requirements:
· A motivating team player
· A creative sparring partner for the design director
· A good feel for visual trends
· Empathy for client needs
· Excellent communication skills
· Some management experience
· Ability to prioritize and work well under pressure, good time
  management skills
2. 平面设计师:
专业: 3年及以上从业经历,执行力强,精通中英文字体设计者优先。
语言: 正常中英文沟通能力,有一定英文读写能力者优先。